Monday, May 11, 2009

hoopz sex tape

Infamous celebrity sex tape broker Mr. ZZee, the mystery man behind other best selling celebrity sex tapes, is announcing he has acquired a hardcore sex video starring reality TV star Nikki Alexander aka Hoopz. Hoopz, star and winning contestant of VH1’s Flavor of Love and I Love Money hit shows, is shown having sex with her boyfriend, and all of the hardcore footage is on tape.

The high quality video features multiple positions, multiple camera angles, including hand-held and POV footage and even shows Hoopz doing a wild sideways cowgirl position that has to be seen to be believed! Screen shots and a video clip are available. The full video will be available for online pay-per-view and on DVD shortly.

Hoopz made a sex tape. Shocking, right? Hoopz (real name: Nikki Alexander) got her 15 minutes of fame as the winner of “Flavor of Love” where she won the heart of Flava Flav, who himself skyrocketed to newfound fame via a reality TV show. (He’s also a prominent member of hip-hop legends Public Enemy). With help from the distributor Mr. ZZee, Hoopz will extend her 15 minutes the only way someone with no real talent can: the sex tape.

Naturally, there are previews online that blur out the naughty stuff, but from what we can tell, it’s Hoopz getting slam dunked in a variety of positions. What else would a sex tape be? The advertisements for the video boast multiple angles, point of view and positions you have to see to believe. Sure, it says I have to see to believe...but in reality, I’d rather not.

Hoopz was the winning contestant on the VH1 reality show “I Love Money,” in addition to winning the Public Enemy sidekick’s heart on “Flava of Love.”

Our Take

What’s less surprising about this story? That someone with an extraneous “z” in their name made a sex tape, or that a contestant from “Flava of Love” made a sex tape. Considering Hoopz covers both areas, her foray into sex taping was inevitable. I guess the only surprise is that Hoopz beat fellow reality star New York to the punch. After all, what are we to expect from someone who won a show called “I Love Money.”?

Going the route of leaking a sex tape is typically a last ditch effort to get or remain famous. I’ve also been informed that New York did in fact make a sex tape. So, there’s that to look forward to. Which is nice. As long as we don’t have to see Flava Flav rocking out with his clock out, worse things could happen. I hope for her sake she’s at least getting paid for it. The last thing I’d want is a sweet girl like Hoopz to be taken advantage of. (Where else can she continually express her devotion to money?)

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